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Rhinelander Tax Consultation & IRS Tax Problem Resolution

Rhinelander CPA Provides Successful Tax Resolution Services

James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander is the trusted tax advisor that Wisconsin businesses and individuals rely on for personal and professional service. With over 30 years of experience handling complex and unique tax and financial matters, James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander is capable of providing a wide range of tax resolution and planning services for any and every client. From tax preparation for individuals and businesses to supporting Northern Wisconsin Communities, our accounting services can help you.

Read below to see our ever expanding list of tax problem resolution and tax services success stories. James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander has advised business owners, individuals, and elders and their families on everything from tax negotiations, IRS audit adjustments to tax settlements and identity theft solutions. With a strong dedication to keeping up with the latest federal and state tax law and the ever changing world of retirement and elder care planning, James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander is your go to resource for professional accounting needs.

Rhinelander CPA Success Stories

Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled Tax Returns are the root cause for creating tax issues in people’s lives and put many things at stake. For instance, professional and occupational state licenses are at risk of nonrenewal – like a nurse that was days away from hers not being renewed if it weren’t for Jim’s help.

Tax Assessment Relief

A married couple faced a sales tax bill of $250,000 after they were forced to close their business. Through proper tax representation and negotiation with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Jim was able to reduce their sales tax bill to $25,000.

Offer in Compromise

A self-employed contractor owed $96,000 for several years of back taxes to the IRS and Jim was able to successfully negotiate an Offer in Compromise and reduce taxes owed down to $24,000.

Bank Levies & Wage Garnishment

Jim was able to help an individual reduce his wage garnishment of 75% down to 15% by assisting him with filing seven years of Unfiled Tax Returns. Wage garnishments are typically based upon inflated tax assessments, which in turn are caused by years of Unfiled Tax Returns.

Tax Resolution for Dry Cleaning Industry

James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander approached the IRS to get a previous Installment Agreement, which was coordinated by a national tax resolution company, back on track. The original negotiations fell short of the clients’ expectations. Jim is also examining changes to the clients' sales tax collection and payment system for this dry cleaning business to better report sales tax and dry cleaning fees.

Sales Tax Audit Reduction for Wholesale Distributor

With assistance from James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander, a wholesale distributor business had their Sales & Use Tax Audit Assessment reduced by $30,000. Jim also facilitated implementation of a use tax reporting system to better gauge future use tax obligations.

Wisconsin Tax Audit Adjustment for Landscaping Industry

After the IRS had closed an audit of a Wisconsin landscaping business, James L. Hintzke CPA of Rhinelander was able to persuade the IRS to reconsider adjusting certain audit issues from the original audit. Due to improper representation during the original audit, James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander, through persistent telephone calls and letters to the IRS, was able to have the case reopened for consideration.

Wisconsin Identity Theft Assistance for Senior Citizen Taxpayer

A senior citizen residing in an assisted living facility was contacted by the IRS for possible compromise of their social security number. James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander was able to assist the senior citizens' legal representative in responding to the IRS notice and facilitate the submission of an Identity Theft Affidavit Form.

Estate Tax Settlement Negotiation with IRS

James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander has prepared hundreds of estate-related tax returns and assisted attorneys, personal representatives, executors and trustees through the probate process. He has also successfully negotiated an Installment Agreement for an estate due to the large amount of taxes owed to the IRS.

I have extensive expertise in assisting individual taxpayers, businesses, and seniors with the following issues when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and Wisconsin Department of Revenue:

  • Stop wage garnishments and bank levies
  • Remove or Reduce tax penalties
  • File tax returns for multiple tax years
  • Negotiate tax repayment settlements
  • Appeal unacceptable audit or collection outcomes
  • Resolve tax identity Theft issues
  • Out of State tax return issues
  • AUDIT Representation
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