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Unfiled Tax Returns (Multiple Years)

Why Unfiled Tax Returns Are Not Healthy for Your Financial Life

The average unfiled tax return is in the range of 5-7 years. This occurs for a host of reasons, ultimately because: life gets in the way sometimes. Examples of life getting in the way include:

  • Divorces
  • Marriage
  • Substance abuse
  • Severe medical issues, disability
  • Government distrust

Unhealthy outcomes of unfiled tax returns (specifically, tax returns unfiled for multiple years) include:

1.    Tarnishes one’s credit scores
2.    Hinders borrowing capability from a bank/credit union
3.    Wage garnishments and bank levies hinder ability to pay regular bills
4.    Places professional/technical licenses at risk of “non renewal”
5.    Puts stress on personal relationships
6.    May impair new employment opportunities
7.    Late tax returns accrue penalties and interest – penalties accrue the quickest and can double your tax bill.
8.    Open years may invite tax identity theft issues

Tax Relief is Available Under the IRS People First Initiative

The IRS People First Initiative was established by the IRS on March 25, 2020 to help taxpayers dealing with the economic fallout of COVID-19, as well as taxpayers who are behind on payments or who have unfiled tax returns. The program suspends payments due on installment plans until July 15, 2020 and extends the deadline for submitting information requested by the IRS to support an Offer in Compromise agreement until July 15, 2020.

If you have unfiled tax returns, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to get back in good standing with the IRS. James Hintzke can help you negotiate the best path forward.

Wage Garnishment

Like any creditor, the IRS and Wisconsin have the power to garnish your wages to satisfy your tax debt. A wage garnishment, will be sent to your employer. This levy requires your employer to remit a portion of your wages to Wisconsin to satisfy your tax debt.

State Tax Problems

When it comes to state tax problems, CPA Jim Hintzke has the experience you need. Jim will negotiate with Wisconsin on your behalf to resolve state tax problems in Rhinelander and all surrounding communities, as well as cities in Northern Michigan. There are programs Jim can utilize to settle your tax debts for less money than you owe, so call him today to get started.

Tax Liens

This message is for those of you who may have overdue federal and state taxes. Did you know that the IRS and state revenue departments can file a tax lien against your home, property and assets if they can’t collect an overdue tax debt?

Tax liens are damaging for multiple reasons:

  • They prevent you from selling property.
  • They make getting bank loans very difficult.
  • They’re a big negative on your credit, and they are public record for anyone to see.
  • They make solving your overdue tax difficult, but not impossible.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Rhinelander CPA Jim Hintzke can fix your tax problems.

Bank Levies

Bank levies occur when taxes are unpaid, and a freeze is put on the debtor’s bank account in order to obtain the unpaid money. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue is the most common organization to utilize bank levies. The best way to deal with a bank levy is to contact CPA Jim Hintzke, who will negotiate with Wisconsin to arrange an immediate solution.

Audits (both Federal & State)

Our closed audit statistics indicate that where taxpayers began the process without representation, the audit scope was expanded and the timing of the audit dragged, with imminent negative results. When we were engaged earlier in the audit process, we were able to narrow the scope, speed up the timing of the audit, and negotiate more favorable results.

Delinquent Tax Returns

A.   What should be done if you are delinquent?
1.   Stop procrastinating, admit you have a problem.
2.   Get help, and seek professional tax assistance.
B.    Once you seek help, what should you expect?
1.    You will have to gather your records/receipts
2.    You may have to request your bank for older bank records
3.    You will have to sign a POA (Power of Attorney) to be represented with the IRS and WI.
4.    You most likely will be asked as to what caused unfiled returns, since the tax professional will be searching for ways to reduce penalties.
5.    Tax returns are then prepared, and if a balance due, your tax professional will most likely have to negotiate a repayment plan over time.
6.    Tax refunds will most likely be applied against balance due years, and you run the risk of forfeiting any excess refunds, depending on the age of tax return.
7.    You will have to remain current on all future tax filings and repayments, otherwise any repayment plans can be rescinded.

Tax Identity Theft Resolution

Jim Hintzke’s commitment to the enforcement of confidential information is especially important, as the IRS continues to battle the issue of Tax Identity Theft. Nothing is more of an eye-opener for taxpayers than when they determine they cannot file their tax return electronically, shocked to discover their social security number has already been used on another tax return for the current tax year. What has occurred is Tax Identity Theft, and the taxpayer soon realizes they have become a victim. Someone stole their social security number to file a tax return, claiming a fraudulent refund. Jim will work closely with the IRS Identity Theft Resolution Unit to expedite the taxpayer’s refund, assess taxpayer safeguards in protecting sensitive identity information, and assist the taxpayer in assessing any other compromises that may have affected their personal finances.

Certified Public Accountant, James L. Hintzke is no stranger to Northern Wisconsin and the fishing culture which he practices passionately. Jim provides professional CPA services to individuals across Northern Wisconsin, including closely held businesses, estates, trusts, and nonprofit organizations. Jim specializes in tax services and tax problem resolution. Always staying up-to-date has fully equipped him to provide your business with a solid financial plan capitalizing on recent and future trends.

The CPA with a knack for getting the IRS off your back™

Inaction is the WORST Response

Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual filer, don’t put off or ignore your IRS or State Revenue Agency tax problems. Audit notices, levies, liens, and wage garnishments do not go away until the tax issue is addressed. Potential consequences from inaction include tax assessments, penalties, interest, asset seizure, and even non-renewal of professional and technical licenses by license granting jurisdictions. With an immediate response, experienced representation may be able to help you minimize penalties, reach a settlement agreement, or pay your tax debts over time with minimal impact on your daily life.

Do You Have IRS Tax Issues?

IRS Resolution and Tax Negotiation

Dealing with tax collection problems from the IRS or State Revenue Agencies can lead to overwhelming stress beyond the anxiety experienced during the annual tax preparation process. The stakes are high; your financial security, credit history and your standard of living can all be challenged. It’s important to have a qualified AICPA accountant at your side to ensure your tax problems are handled professionally and timely. I’m James L. Hintzke, CPA, and I have the knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills to insulate you from this anxiety and help you to resolve your tax collection problems. When choosing me as your tax advisor, I will be involved with your case through every step of the negotiation process.


Our experience has demonstrated consistent success in negotiating IRS-provided resolution options including Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements, Innocent Spouse Relief, Penalty Abatement, and Tax Lien and Levy Releases.


During our first meeting, I can actually show you which options you may be able to pre-qualify for and determine suitable course of action for your case and assess the probability of success.


CPA James L. Hintzke Is Ready to Meet with You

Whether you really are in need of getting the IRS off your back or you could just use professional help with how to determine the cost of your business’s product, Jim has over 30 years of CPA experience in tax services, as well as tax problem resolution. If you are ready to do away with financial tension once and for all by getting your life back on track, schedule a confidential meeting with Jim.

Contact the solution-driven Rhinelander CPA James L. Hintzke to resolve your tax issues.

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I have extensive expertise in assisting individual taxpayers, businesses, and seniors with the following issues when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and Wisconsin Department of Revenue:

  • Stop wage garnishments and bank levies
  • Remove or Reduce tax penalties
  • File tax returns for multiple tax years
  • Negotiate tax repayment settlements
  • Appeal unacceptable audit or collection outcomes
  • Resolve tax identity Theft issues
  • Out of State tax return issues
  • AUDIT Representation

I have extensive expertise in assisting individual taxpayers, businesses, and seniors with the following issues when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and Wisconsin Department of Revenue:

  • Stop wage garnishments and bank levies
  • Remove or Reduce tax penalties
  • File tax returns for multiple tax years
  • Negotiate tax repayment settlements
  • Appeal unacceptable audit or collection outcomes
  • Resolve tax identity Theft issues
  • Out of State tax return issues
  • AUDIT Representation
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