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Rhinelander CPA Jim Hintzke Serves Northern Wisconsin Communities

For some time now, James L. Hintzke has been well-anchored in Rhinelander, offering tax services for individuals and businesses throughout Wisconsin. He is certified by the American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and has over 30 years of experience in CPA practice, controllership experiences, and running his own business.

Looking for help from the CPA with a knack for getting the IRS off your back™?

I Fix Tax Problems

As a trusted financial advisor with a personal one-on-one emphasis, Jim serves the Northern Wisconsin Tourism Industry prominently throughout Oneida, Lincoln, and Vilas Counties, and is accessible to all counties of Northern Wisconsin and Michigan. Jim can even travel to your location in order to provide the help that individuals or businesses need.

Individual, Federal, and State Income Tax Preparation

I have extensive experience in the preparation of tax returns for individuals in all stages of life. I understand how each of these stages has a different impact on one’s individual tax liability. My approach to tax preparation is to educate every taxpayer on effective and practical ways of reducing one’s tax exposure using a proactive approach. I counsel you through tax-return issues, complete all required forms, and compile necessary back-up materials.

Individual Tax Preparation Services

  • I prepare federal and all state and city income tax returns within the United States.
  • I prepare multi-state income tax returns due to job relocation or ownership of assets across multiple states.

Individual Tax Planning and Advisory Services

  • I clarify the impact of latest tax laws, legislation and IRS/Wisconsin rules on your tax liability.
  • I design strategies you can follow throughout the years to reduce your taxes, save money and achieve a smoother tax-preparation process.
  • I identify the long and short term consequences of your spending, investment and other financial decisions, and advise you on steps you can take to reduce your future tax liability.

My experience and knowledge cover the following areas:

  • State residency changes
  • Taxability of investment gains/losses
  • Rental properties
  • Inheritances
  • Selling the “lake property”
  • Lottery Winnings
  • Estimated tax payments
  • Maximizing Income Tax Credits
  • Representation before the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue
  • General year-end tax matters
  • College tuition tax credits

Business, Federal, and State Tax Preparation

I have extensive experience in preparing Federal and State (all states) business tax returns for companies in the following industries: Manufacturing, distribution, retail, tourism, construction, professional, medical service providers, and nonprofit organizations. James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander shares with you the solid working knowledge of each of these industries. I draw my knowledge from several years of assisting clients from these industries as well as my personal experience as a Controller and CFO.

Business Tax Preparation Services

  • Sole Proprietorship tax returns
  • Partnership tax returns
  • Limited Liability tax returns
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Personal Service Corporation tax returns
  • Personal Holding Company tax returns
  • Non-Profit Organization tax returns

Business Tax Planning and Advisory Services

I provide tax planning services to business organizations and nonprofit organizations by delivering a year round proactive approach by monitoring the changes in federal and Wisconsin tax laws that affect you and your organization so that I am in a position to identify key tax planning opportunities. I work closely with you as your “trusted advisor” on short and long range tax planning issues as well as year-end reviews. If you are a business client also having your periodic financial statements prepared by us, every interim statement is analyzed by us for tax savings ideas as your business year unfolds.

My experience and knowledge cover the following areas:

  • Starting a business
  • Choosing the proper tax entity
  • Buying/selling a business
  • Representation before the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue
  • Starting a manufacturing company in Wisconsin
  • Business tax credits
  • Wisconsin sales and use tax reviews
  • Wisconsin personal property tax reviews
  • Depreciation of business assets
  • Business retirement plans
  • Liquidation of a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company
  • Tax exempt status application with IRS

Estate & Trust Accounting, Planning & Tax Preparation

At James L. Hintzke, CPA of Rhinelander, I offer a wide range of services to Estates and Trusts. I advise families and attorneys on the tax implications of estate and trust planning pertaining to individuals and closely-held businesses. I prepare all necessary estate, trust, and gift tax returns for families so they do not have to deal with these burdensome issues at an emotional time of their lives. I am also called on by probate attorneys to prepare the necessary estate-related tax returns, final court accounting, and fiduciary income tax returns so as to obtain Closing Certificates from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

My experience and knowledge cover the following areas:

  • Estate and Gift Tax Return Preparation
  • Fiduciary Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Estate Planning
  • Court Accountings for Estates and Conservatorships

Estate and Gift Tax Return Preparation

I have extensive experience in preparation of the Federal Estate and Gift Tax Returns as well as the Wisconsin Estate tax return in applicable years. I work closely in cooperation with attorneys and have worked directly with executors and trustees in this area.

Fiduciary Income Tax Return Preparation

I bring many years of experience in the preparation of returns for probate estates, simple and complex trusts, family trusts, as well as charitable remainder annuity and unitrusts.

Estate Planning

I work closely with clients, attorneys, and financial planners to assist families in minimizing their tax burden, planning for the transfer of assets between generations, and developing gifting strategies to meet one’s financial and personal objectives.

If you are charitably inclined, I have worked with attorneys, charities and clients in setting up charitable remainder trusts and using other charitable gifting techniques.

Additionally, I bring experience and insight to the area of postmortem tax planning: from dealing with interrelated tax/estate tax issues and elections to analyzing the funding of various trusts. I also work closely with surviving spouses in assessing the tax implications of funding family trusts.

Court Accountings for Estates and Conservatorships

I can provide accountings in the format required by the Court for probate estates, trusts, and conservatorships. I routinely prepare trust accountings for trustees and beneficiaries.

IRS "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams
1 .
Identity Theft

when someone files fraudulent returns using your Social Security number

2 .
Phone Scams

receiving phone calls from criminals impersonating the IRS agents

3 .

fake emails or websites trying to obtain your personal information

4 .
Return Preparer Fraud

dishonest tax professionals who steal your information

5 .
Offshore Tax Avoidance

hiding money and income offshore

6 .
Inflated Refund Claims

you should be cautious of anyone who promises you a big refund before looking at your records

7 .
Fake Charities

be sure to donate only to legitimate organizations

8 .
Falsely Padding Deductions

inflating deductions/expenses to receive larger refunds

9 .
Excessive Claims for Business Credits

these are not available to most taxpayers

10 .
Falsifying Income to Claim Credits

avoid inventing income to erroneously claim tax credits

11 .
Abusive Tax Shelters

using abusive tax structures to try to avoid paying taxes

12 .
Frivolous Tax Arguments

making unrealistic claims to avoid paying taxes

Tax Representation Services in Rhinelander

Get Expert Tax Resolutions for When the IRS is on Your Back 

Tax preparation is not the only service from which Wisconsinites benefit. For expert tax representation services in Rhinelander – along with other Northern Wisconsin communities in Oneida County and beyond – CPA Jim Hintzke has the ability to maneuver through the IRS and WI Department of Revenue channels quickly and efficiently. Unlike National Resolution Companies, Jim has formed relationships in the backyard of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue on a personal level that has proven to be an advantage for his clients. If you’ve heard Jim Hintzke’s placement on the radio, remember that ignoring your tax problems will NOT make them disappear. With Rhinelander tax representation services available to individuals and small businesses, your financial life can be restored, successfully getting the IRS off your back.

Serving the Northern Wisconsin Tourism Industry

Taxes, Accounting, and Business Support

Jim Hintzke is an enthusiastic Northwoods fisherman with decades of experience turning water into foam by constantly casting lures into local lakes and rivers. It’s only natural that with a fellow fisherman in their midst, local business owners utilize his CPA experience for Wisconsin tax issues unique to their industry. Resorts, restaurants, and retailers are just a few of the businesses who rely on Jim for taxes, accounting, and business support. In the Wisconsin tourism industry, sales tax audits are quite common. Yet with Jim’s financial assistance, IRS tax problems can be successfully navigated to get the IRS off your back.

The CPA with a knack for getting the IRS off your back™

As an adviser who helps with the tax situations of everyone in need, Jim is always excited to help new clients in Rhinelander and the surrounding Northern Wisconsin communities. With professional and completely confidential accounting services, all IRS trouble is treated with strict confidentiality, stringently adhering to the accounting and tax profession Code of Ethics.


Plan Like Your Retirement Is Tomorrow

The right tax representation is key to reducing your pain and suffering caused by tax problems. James L. Hintzke actively fishes the Northern Lakes to gain a better understanding of fishing biology and the impact of weather on game fishing. Jim has experience with inland fishing and fly fishing, as well as deep sea fishing. Jim says the time and dedication to understanding the importance of fishing patterns and how they are impacted by biology and weather are just as critical as to understanding how changing tax laws affect taxpayers and their finances.

The CPA with a knack for getting the IRS off your back™

By being so familiar with the Rhinelander area and its surrounding communities, Jim sees firsthand how different people benefit from his financial consulting services: the tournament participant who feels more financially sound entering the next tournament, the fishing guide who has more marketing dollars saved to spend on greater seasonal exposure, the real estate broker with the Northwoods cabins for sale who now has more to matter the circumstance, a brighter financial future is always the end goal. As Jim likes to say to clients, “I plan like your retirement is tomorrow.”

Contact the Rhinelander CPA, James L. Hintzke today for accounting, retirement, and tax resolution services.

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I have extensive expertise in assisting individual taxpayers, businesses, and seniors with the following issues when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and Wisconsin Department of Revenue:

  • Stop wage garnishments and bank levies
  • Remove or Reduce tax penalties
  • File tax returns for multiple tax years
  • Negotiate tax repayment settlements
  • Appeal unacceptable audit or collection outcomes
  • Resolve tax identity Theft issues
  • Out of State tax return issues
  • AUDIT Representation
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